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Translation Training and Practice for Universities and Colleges

The Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) is a program set up to train proficient bilinguals or even trilinguals with linguistic, technical and professional skills, for them to work as translators and/or interpreters. With a focus on practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge, the program requires both teachers and students to undertake extensive targeted practice, so as to prepare students for the marketplace.


As an enterprise with social responsibilities, we seek to connect the classroom with the market, providing solutions of translation training and practice for universities and colleges. Our services include:

- Providing translation projects and cases for practice and research

- Providing corpus for translation and interpreting studies

- Offering training and internship opportunities

- Developing virtual classroom platforms for translation and interpreting

- Teaching and learning lab solution

Up to now, we have signed internship cooperation agreements with over 100 universities and colleges in China, including Shanghai International Studies University, Fudan University, Wuhan University and Tongji University. We provide internship opportunities for translation and interpreting students from these partner universities to practice in our projects, allowing the students to gain experience by working directly with clients, and thus honing their professional skills and getting ready for the market.

China Language Service Centre London Office


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