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Technology Enhances Modern Language Services

Apart from providing professional language services, we also attach great importance to the research and development of language technologies. Currently, our R&D team has been working on a portfolio of language technology solutions especially for translation and interpreting training, aiming to become a technology-driven language services provider.

Oia Conference and Language Lab Solution

Oia Conference and Language Lab Solution is a product package independently developed by our R&D team. It consists of the Oia Simultaneous Conference Interpreting System and the Oia Language Lab System. The solution can be used for training and practice of simultaneous conference interpreting, specially designed for universities and colleges in their interpreting training. By adopting our Oia solution, you can build up a conference room up to international standards and involve future interpreters in a real interpreting environment.

Translation/Interpreting Teaching System

The Translation/Interpreting Teaching System aims to provide teachers with a professional, easy-to-use and effective in-class platform. Hundreds of translation and interpreting courses and learning materials are prepared on the platform from elementary to medium and high level, which can be integrated in different stages of translation/interpreting training. With our in-class teaching system, students will not miss any key points in class and enjoy a fruitful language learning journey!

Translation Project Management System

The Translation Project Management System is designed for managing multiple and complex translation projects. It can be used by translation agencies, language departments in multinational companies, university labs, etc. Our complete management procedures will enable project managers to handle all translation jobs online, from project set-up, job assignment, delivery of translations/reviews at different stages, to TM/TB management, translator management and client management. It facilitates and simplifies project management in a revolutionary way.

Our Corpus for Translation and Interpreting Training is made up of language assets in areas of government publicity, business promotion, finance, law, tourism, consumer goods, information technology, engineering and machinery, energy and chemistry, healthcare, academic research, and publishing. The corpus are of high quality, which are selected, reorganized and compiled especially for training and teaching of translation and interpreting.

Corpus for Translation and Interpreting Training

Kilgray memoQ

Kilgray Technologies is one of the world's fastest growing translation technology vendors, famous for its user-friendly CAT tool memoQ. In April 2017, we signed agreement on our future cooperation and has become the first and official partner of Kilgray in China.

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