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Successful Cases for International Conferences and Exhibitions

Case 1: China (Shanghai) International  Technology  Fair

We have established stable and mutually trusted cooperation with China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair since 2013, providing a package of language services.

We have been one of the major language service providers of World Internet Conference since 2014. We provide translation services before and during the conference, and dispatch a team of professional conference interpreters for the conferences, forums and VIP meetings. 

Case 2: World Internet Conference

Case 3: NAB Show

NAB Show is the world's largest annual convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology.


In 2016, we provided a package of interpreting services, including simultaneous interpreting for multiple forums going concurrently, consecutive interpreting and escort interpreting for VIPs.

Case 4: 2013 China International Language Industry Conference

2013 China International Language Industry Conference was held during Sep 31 to Nov 1, 2013. The Conference was hosted by Translation Association of China and organized by Shanghai Language Services Center for Cultural Trade. We not only provided translation and interpreting services, but also were engaged in the planning and execution of conference organisation.

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