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Faculty Training

Training of MTI Teachers Programs

We aim to build a professional platform for the advanced training of teachers responsible for the Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) education. The program focuses on both practical translation and interpreting skills and teaching approaches, with a view to promote the development of translation and interpretation training programs in universities and colleges.
Our courses for translation and interpreting teachers:
> Professional interpreting
> Professional translation
> Computer-assisted translation
> Thematic translation & interpreting
> Project management
> MTI education philosophy
> ...
Our previous training programs:
  • 2016 China Advanced Translator/Interpreter Training Program

  • 2017 China Advanced Translator/Interpreter Training Program

  • China Translation Technology and Project Management Training Program (co-organized with Zhejiang University)

  • China CAT Teaching Training Program (co-organized with Beijing Language and Culture University)

  • Tailored training programs for Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, etc.


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